Instagram Albums : Everything you need to know

Dan Dixon

Dan Dixon

February 27 • 4 minute read

Instagram Albums

Instagram has began rolling out the latest feature in a series of major updates to the platform over the past 12 months, which now allows users to share multiple images and videos in a single post. These new posts can contain up to 10 images or video clips that can be swiped through in a carousel format, similar in appearance to Facebook Carousel ads.

But why?

As with any major new feature on popular social media platforms, there are always those who will embrace the change, and others who take longer to adapt and appreciate the new features, while others will simply lose their mind and mourn the perceived death of their favourite platform. Since the news broke of Instagram Albums in early February, there has been a mixed reaction among the Instagram community. Common gripes include  users accusing Instagram of losing their identity of being a high quality, low frequency image sharing platform and becoming too much like Facebook, with more regular, lower quality dumps of photo albums.

So why have Instagram introduced this new feature? We can only imagine Instagram is trying to encourage users to curate and post more high quality content on a more frequent basis….and those users who usually clog up news feeds with multiple posts in short periods of time will now be able to send one post with all of their content in one go.

How does it work?

  1. Open Instagram and hit the  to create a new post then hit the new  icon
  2. You will now be able to select up to 10 images to include in your album post by tapping on them, then click next
  3. Apply filters, edit the photos and rearrange into the order you want them to appear, then click next
  4. Add a caption, tag a location (only one caption and location per album) and tag people in the images (can tag individual images from the album).

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Check out the results :

Here are some shots from our recent visit to Cleveland Mountain Rescue! Scroll right to left to see more!

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How can businesses and brands use the new feature?

There are a number of ways brands can use Instagram Albums to enrich their content schedule including :

‘How to’

Break up an instructional post into bitesize chunks and post as an album. This will be a perfect fit for those foodie Instagrammers who like to showcase recipes, or the fitness types who like to post full workout videos to Instagram, or in the case of @DIYFitDad , both!

Berry good smoothie 1 banana 2 handful of blueberries 1 handful of dried mixed fruit from Aldi (cranberries, blueberries, raisins, inca berries, cherries) 3 strawberries 1 tbsp Greek yoghurt 1 tsp honey 250 ml almond milk

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Product Showcase

Albums are a great way of showing off products, whether that is one product from different perspectives or action shots, or a whole range of products like @Topshop have done below:

In our newest campaign, nine of our favourite supermodels models wear nine of our favourite jeans. Are you a Jamie girl like Lottie Moss or do you love a Leigh? Tell us below

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