6 Benefits of Social Media Training for Your Staff

Dan Dixon

Dan Dixon

February 10 • 4 minute read

The world of Social Media is so fast paced it can almost be a full time job for your business just to keep up with changes and tweaks to platforms, and emerging trends amongst consumers and marketers.

Coupled with that, not every business is suited to every Social Media platform. Not all products and services businesses offer lend themselves to every platform’s content style and there is no need to have a presence on 5 different platforms, if your customers are only on 3 of them. This makes strategising your social media marketing a bit of a minefield alongside all other business functions. This usually leaves businesses with two distinct options, outsource social media to an external agency, or give direct responsibility to individuals or teams in house.

There are many benefits to outsourcing social media to an external agency, but for some businesses this simply isn’t an option, and it is usually linked to budget.

So, what other options do you have? If you are going to be handling your social media in-house, then you need to make sure those dealing with it have the necessary skills and expertise to be able to perform their role properly. And that is where Social Media training comes in.

Incase you need any more persuasion, I have compiled 6 benefits of Social Media training for your existing employees:

1. Flexibility

Specialist training providers are, by their very nature, flexible to meet the needs of each individual client. This means training can be delivered at a time, location and in a delivery style to suit your unique needs.

2. Enhancing skills

By up skilling your existing staff you can harness the power of their existing skill set, along with their enhanced Social Media marketing skills.

3. Staff morale

By empowering your marketing team through the development of their skills and knowledge in Social Media, you will give a boost to morale and a sense of ownership to your team of your social media efforts.

4. Ownership / reactivity – agility

A more obvious benefit of having your internal teams trained to deal with your Social Media presence is the fact you have complete ownership of your online presence. Who better to represent your company online than those embedded within your organisation, who understand the culture and values of your brand?

5. Engage directly with your customers

Managing social media in house allows you to cut out the middleman between you and your customers. We know your customers are online, and we know they are likely to have questions about your brand, or have something to say about you (either positive or negative), so who better to engage with these customers than you and your employees? Afterall, who knows your brand better than those representing it every single day?  Social Media Marketing is about so much more than just talking at your customers with promotional messages once per day, the real value comes from engagement. With the right level of knowledge, a sense of ownership, and confidence in their own ability, your in house teams are the perfect people to be engaging with your clients online on a daily basis.

6. Ongoing support

Most good training providers won’t just turn up, deliver a generic session and then disappear into the distance, leaving your team to not only absorb the information they have been given, but then strategise, implement and measure its impact on your business. First and foremost, the training partner you source has to understand the intricacies of the way you work and what you want to achieve in order to be able to prepare a tailored training package, to give the highest impact and ROI for your business. But, it is not just the preparation that ensures your training investment has a lasting impact. An ongoing support and mentoring relationship with your training expert will ensure that your new Social Media strategy stays on course and maximises your chances of success.

If you are interested in learning more about social media marketing, or would like to find out about training options available to you and your organisation, why not book in a free 30 minute consultation here? .

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